Almax an international leader in the design and manufacture of mannequins; is proud to launch Smart Mannequin on the market – the mannequin bristling with technology. Developed in collaboration with the Italian software company Workshop & Design, this innovation (brand named Smart Beacon) is set to revolutionize the retail world and the way consumers shop.

The ingenious Smart Mannequin uses the BLE protocol (Bluetooth low energy), which is able to talk to a clients’ smartphone in the store via iBeacon technology. This e ective communication tool can record purchase behavior and collect data; providing a truly customized experience to the consumer as they shop.

A shopper needs to be within close range of a Smart Mannequin to start receiving proximity-data. Additional information; such as product-analyses, size and color options, personalized o ers, video presentations of a chosen collection, are just a number of ways to engage the consumer.

Smart Beacon Retail

The operation is very simple: just download the Maison Almax App or Smart Beacon App, activate Bluetooth on your Device, and approach the Smart Mannequin to start receiving notifi cations.

Thanks to the partnership with Almax, a global leader in the production of mannequins, Smart Mannequin was born!


Smart Beacon transforms a smart-phone into a powerful tool of proximity marketing; providing a high level of user engagement. It allows communication of the values and philosophy of the brand in a space-time window in which the consumer is more receptive (i.e. at the point of sale or waiting to be served). | | |