Global Visual Group and Almax, international leaders in the design and manufacture of mannequins, are proud to launch Smart Beacon solutions on the market, at Global Shop 2016, the largest annual visual merchandising trade show in the United States.

Smart Beacon solutions, use the BLE protocol (Bluetooth low energy), which is able to talk to a clients’ smartphone in the store via iBeacon/Eddystone technology and Geo-fencing.

The mobile marketing platform Smart Beacon allows the world of retail and shops to interact with its customers, offering targeted purchases, promotions and much more.

This effective communication tool can record purchase behaviour and collect data of customers, providing a truly customized experience to the consumer as they shop.

Through mobile devices, it is possible to captivate and enhance users’ visit experience, allowing them to live a unique experience.

Target contents can be customized for the customers with tailored proximity campaigns.

When the customers approach the store, they start receiving proximity-data: additional information, product analysis, size and colour options, personalized offers, discount coupons, video presentations of a chosen collection, are just a number of ways to engage the consumer.



Smart Beacon transforms a smartphone into a powerful tool of proximity marketing, providing a high level of user engagement. It allows the communication of the values and philosophy of the brand in a space-time window in which the consumer is more receptive (i.e. at the point of sale or waiting to be served).

The key features of the platform are:

Proximity Storytelling.
Dialogue with the Customer.
Customer Profile and relationships.
Product information.
Cross Selling.
Purchase Repetition Loyalty.
Post Purchasing.
Market Research.

With Smart Beacon you can increase walk-in and in store traffic.

“Technology has no value by itself. Technology has value when creates customer relationships and, consequently, increases revenues,” said Giovanni Quaranta, CEO and Founder of Smart Beacon.

“Almax is proud to propose these solutions and to demonstrate once more its power of innovation in the industry of visual merchandising”, said Max Catanese, CEO EMEA & Latam of Almax – GVG.

Book an appointment and visit us at Global Shop 2016 Booth #2423.