Who is going to visit the Royal Palace of Venaria you will have to prepare not only to visit a place of history and art of the past, but also a contemporary space, where technology meets the past and it does so using an app and technology iBeacon.

Is now on the App Store, in fact, La Venaria, a free app for iOS developed by startup Smart Beacon. Venaria is not simply a digital guide to the palace, but it is the jump forward in the digital experience museum Piedmont and a real transformation.


The entire area of the palace, in fact, has been “mapped” were positioned wireless sensors called “beacons” that transmit signals bluetooth up to a maximum of 50 meters and allow the user’s location within enclosed rooms. With this mapping and technology iBeacon app Venaria allows visitors to follow thematic routes, to view their path, download special content and insights related to the space in which they find themselves and find discount coupons.

contribution: macitynet.it

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