The love for a baseball or football team is a passion, a creed. And the stadium is its temple.

Soccer and football lovers, are always connected, so they can know everything of their team, and they can feel like the leading character… and we believe that the use of Beacons in stadium areas will improve and amplify the fan’s experience, with a lot of advantages for the home team.

Modern stadiums – as we think of the Juventus Stadium in Turin – are designed for entertainment, a real pole of aggregation throughout the whole week, not just during the Sunday match. Shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, everything is designed to provide an immersive experience.

The Smart Beacon technology is able to direct the attention of those who come into the stadium, offering them content, profile users, direct purchases.

Using a location system employing GPS in a coordinated manner and BTL technology, it is able to lead the visitors up a specific sector, show the location of the bar during halftime, provide information on car parking and paths.

Placed inside the stadium the beacons are able to convey content and messages in a space-time window in which the fan is potentially more receptive.

The “context” in which notifications are received significantly reduces the perception of invasiveness by the consumer and makes the service useful and acceptable. Formations, tactics, interviews, press conferences, advertising, multimedia content, all reach the target audience in a targeted way and offer a clearly appreciated service.

The beacons thus become a cross-selling tool, creating reports, managing the flows.
Smartphones become immediate tools for purchasing and post purchasing. In terms of market research, administrators have access to very useful information that can help them build their own business strategy: purchase frequency, purchase occasions, overall enjoyment of the offer.

Technology has no value by itself. Technology has value when it creates customer relationships and, consequently, increases revenues. And the application of beacons in the stadium is a perfect example. |