The Smart Beacon technology, which allows Bluetooth devices to send and receive short messages within short distances, is proving to be one of the most revolutionary and innovative technologies of recent times. Its multiple applications are being introduced in everyday life, by varying people’s daily habits and routines, in a context in which the tendency to – “beaconize” urban areas is increasingly evident.

An interesting and every day more common aspect is the use of beacons in trade and economic spheres. The purpose is to ease the potential customers shopping experience, offer better services and to contribute to a possible increase in sales.

It has happened to everyone to take the car to go shopping downtown, to overcome the difficulties of finding a parking spot, of scraping together the pennies needed to pay the ticket and then find yourself to waver in front of the meter trying to figure out for how long you actually need to park.  No one likes the idea of too many leftover minutes but neither the lack of them and having to dash back to the car in order to prolong the stay or, even worse, conclude purchases ahead of time, creating a loss to both retailers and consumers themselves.

The beacon technology runs to the rescue, allowing you to park the car in specified garages without the need if a ticket. Through an application connected to the beacon, all you have to do is place your smartphone near the entrance posts and park, without even bothering to mark down the parking space: the indoor localization system will guide you the car on the way back! On your way out just go to the exit post and pay for parking using the credit on your mobile phone or with a fast-pay payment method.

A system that from single garages could also be extended to all urban paid parking spaces through beacons placed on traditional parking meters and connected by a unified app.

A quick and easy way to manage and organize shopping, that can become doubly advantageous if, as done in several Italian cities, combined with a parking discount offered by the shopkeepers, should  the customer purchase in their commercial activity. Customers will enjoy the discounts and services offered by shopkeepers, run their errands in the time needed and pay  for parking only for the time of actual usage.

Simple, practical, convenient. |