Smart Beacon technology has revolutionized the rules of proximity marketing is now a fact. Purchasing habits have rapidly changed and smartphones have long become an indispensable instrument, and in many aspects an opportunity.

Despite the major leap forward that beacon technology could, for example, give in the services offered, there still are many fields in which little use is made of this technology. One of these is the world of art and tourism, a key resource and increasingly important aspect in the economy of cities and nations.

In which way can iBeacons transform and renew the way cities are visited?

Thanks to Smart Beacon technology it is possible to create a fully interactive app at tourists’ disposal, that not only can guide them to the discovery of monuments, but also provide them with news and information regarding mobility or, in more advanced business systems, purchase advice.

The app allows the tourists’ smartphone to communicate, through its Bluetooth device (thus offline, unlike other geolocation technologies that require constant connection), with beacons, small wireless sensors, positioned in the city’s strategic points near monuments, works of art and places of touristic or cultural interest.   (ex. La Venaria app)

In this way tourists can go around the city, or its historic center, visualize the map on the app and chose the route to their liking. The more widespread is the beacons coverage of the city, the grater the mapping of the places of interest and the proposed cultural offer will be.

Approaching monuments and works of art, through notifications that appear on their portable device, visitors can read and listen to historic-artistic information concerning the art piece, just as they would do with a museum audio guide.  

Given the minimal ivasiveness of beacons, which when well positioned result completely invisible, the works of art or monuments remain totally unaffected. The final effect is the creation of an interaction between monument and tourist, who becomes protagonist.


With the use of beacon technology it is also possible to deliver information in different languages, therefore also ensuring foreign visitors a perfect use of information and a pleasant visit of the city. 

Moveover, all the app’s digital data, being the result of a cultural and historic-artistic research on the heritage, can also be employed in other various ways: it can be offered as support material for the creation of popular or cultural events or even be integrated into a genuine digital archive open to students and citizens.

Simple, practical, convenient. |