A conference, an updating course, a workshop, a concert, an outdoor party… at any event, large or small, attended by thousands of spectators or just for a few dozen guests, a proximity action may be launched, giving the gathering a totally different dimension thanks to the support of beacons.

Beacons can provide information, facilitations and relevant contents in the exact point and moment of interaction, helping the participants to fully enjoy the possibilities offered by the venue, by the situation and by the experience they are being involved in.

For example, the queue can be a problem for both organizers and participants at an event or a conference. Accreditation may be required to get in but if attendance is huge, waiting time will be very long and unpleasant. Thanks to the presence of beacons and to a simple bluetooth connection, with an application specifically created for that event and downloaded on to the smartphone, the registration of participants can be easily and quickly processed.

A support in getting through long waiting time but not only: during a workshop the beacons make it possible to download relevant contents in real time, save the slides of a speech during the speech, send messages and communicate, on a live or deferred basis on a message board with the other people present or attending remotely. 

Beacons can be useful to distribute gadgets (in particular expensive ones), as through this technology we can check that a user is collecting only what he or she is entitled to, (in ways similar to those used for accreditation).

Last but not least, the Smart Beacon technology can also be extended to the facilities associated to the event, like hotels, restaurants and shops, improving the overall experience of the participants.


In the follow-up phase, the organizers can obtain a clearer picture of the type of audience that took part to the activities, their features and interests, the areas they frequented, what documents were downloaded and so on. Very useful statistical data in evaluating an event just concluded and fundamental for improving future appointments.

Also in this case the beacon technology, is a tool that opens the doors to a fuller and more satisfying digital experience, with multiple benefits for the parties involved.

Simple, practical, convenient.

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